We were excited to be at the center of social change and worked diligently to develop strategies that reshaped Los Angeles’ most impacted communities. The opportunity enabled us to take an innovative approach towards social change and implement strategies that enabled youth and families to enjoy their local parks, schools, and public venues without the fear of becoming a victim of violence. The results were a historic and pioneered change across the U.S.

We are just as excited about working with your organization as we were 20 years ago when we partnered to champion social change for the youth and families that we proudly serve.

Social Change


Social Change Dr. Tiye Warren Enterprises, LLC. BSMGMT

To maximize success, you have to adapt to market changes while addressing the complex social and political issues that affect your community. We invite social leaders to take a collaborative approach towards decision-making, operations, and serving our communities. Dr. Tiye Warren’s consultants are experts in the social change space and understand the complexities of the non-profit industry. We are passionate about the people that we serve and value the work that goes into meeting the unique needs of our communities.


Prioritizing Communities

Our Social Leadership Consultants are passionate about maximizing the quality of life in your community. We have over 20 years of Non-Profit management and community leadership experience. We apply sound business strategies that effectively address the social economic conditions that challenge the communities that we serve.


Realizing your Social Vision

There is no one size fits all approach to change. The media presents the stories the same, but we know that each community is uniquely affected by the prevailing political tensions and social-economic issues. That’s why Dr. Tiye Warren’s Consultants partner with grass roots organizations that understand the rich histories of the community and the needs of the people. Let’s be the change that your community deserves.


Empowering Change Leaders

Social Change Leaders are the face and voice of our communities. Our social responsibility strategy is to work along side Community Leaders to develop holistic perspectives that result in real solutions. As an advocate for your success, we are committed to providing you with the tools and guidance necessary for realizing your organization’s vision.

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Let’s shape the future together.